Treating Depression Naturally

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Treating Depression Naturally

…is the only way to treat depression PERMANENTLY!

Treating depression naturally requires complete trust and faith in yourself. Also in your ‘Higher-self’. Which is your intuition, your self-belief, your spirituality. This, of course, is very difficult to achieve.

woman needing a cure for depressionTreating depression naturally

Depression is the symptom of a lack of trust…

Trust is fragile. Trust (in anything) continually waivers between extremes. Depending on emotional responses. Rather than on logical ones.

You can trust some one implicitly and feel comfortable with that trust. If they do something, however minor, that you perceive is not in your interests you experience an emotional reaction.
Through your heart. Then trust can often instantly disappear in anger. Or disappointment. Or sadness. It then takes quite an effort to stand back and think more calmly, and logically about the situation.

The company you work for has only to be late paying you once. (After always being on time in the past). Then your trust in the company suddenly begins to waiver. You begin to second guess the underlying reasons for the delay. On an emotional level (fear).

Once you lose trust in something or someone, it is extremely difficult to get back.

If you lose trust in yourself, in your own abilities. It is even harder to get back.
The emotions created by loss of trust are powerful. They can become severely debilitating.

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A tension that takes over your being (centred around the heart) can cause the suppression of logical thinking. Deep inhalations and expulsions of air are required. Just to keep control of your
faculties and functions.

This, of course, is fear and anxiety. In severe cases, it leads to chronic depression.

Treating depression naturally and permanently means avoiding ALL drugs.

Sometimes you can use chemicals to suppress the tension you feel at the centre of you. By blocking synapses and nerve pathways. So that you can, at least function. But, they cannot relieve the causes of the stress. The lack of trust in yourself.

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When you think about it, ALL tension, and stress, and depression in life is a direct result of a loss of trust. Trust in yourself. A lack of confidence and self-belief. Or a lack of trust in others. Or other things.

And it all comes down to one prime emotion. The dense low vibration state of fear .
If you can lose the feelings of fear, you will lose ALL tension and stress. Depression cannot be sustained in this case. It will disappear.

To lose fear from your life – is far easier said than done 

But once you know that this is all there is to tension, stress, worry and depression, it creates a single focal point to concentrate on. Forget about all the various reasons (symptoms) causing your tension. Focus on why you are afraid.

Afraid of losing something/someone is the prime cause of most stress. Letting others down and not living up to expectations, is another. Perhaps being afraid of other people’s reactions.

Afraid of fear itself (which leads to an ever spiralling cycle). And afraid that a bad situation will never get better, and so on…

These things are all the result of a lack of self-worth. The emotion of fear is brought into being by nothing more than expectation. Expecting, or anticipating the worst, and then usually (subconsciously) manifesting it.

I watched my mother suffering from acute bouts of depression most of her life and I battled a particularly severe depression myself. After this I spent many years researching this mental dis – ease. I wanted to find a way of treating depression naturally. And permanently. The problem I kept coming across when searching for ‘cures’ was the reliance most so-called’ experts had on chemical interventions.

Doctors and experts are taught to treat ONLY the symptoms of depression

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They are taught to treat only the symptoms of disease,. NOT to first consider its causes. I was quickly dismayed to find Depression, like all other diseases, is a for-profits industry. There are a myriad of treatments and suggestions to treat the symptoms of depression on a temporary basis. However, there is NO motivation to actually ‘cure’ people.

Sick people are profitable. Healthy people are not!

I do not make my living from selling drugs or protocols for depression and low self-esteem.

I have written a book – based on my inexhaustible research. And on my experience, and innate knowledge of life and reality.

It IS for sale, but not for a hyped-up price to make me rich. The book is for sale on Amazon for less than $3.00. (You can watch free videos here) I am making a charge for only one reason. Any profit I make I use to help less fortunate people. Who ‘live’ (exist) in the village where I live in Northern Thailand.

My motivation for researching and writing this book is to genuinely help to ‘awaken’ people. To help them see and understand the corruption and distortion afflicting our world is the reason… The ONLY reason, depression, or any disease, even exists in the first place.

By treating depression naturally
I can ensure that you will lose all your low vibrations
 that ’cause’ even deep seated acute depression.

IF you REALLY want to!

(there can be no half measures in this)

cure depression book

There are literally countless books and papers, and documents, and (for profit) businesses, relating to the human emotional response system. Which essentially, is responsible for ALL the varying types of depression. And ALL problems affecting self-esteem.

Most are written by highly lettered clinical ‘experts’, or doctors, or medical practitioners of some sort… But, their highly trained knowledge is actually what limits their effectiveness in treating emotional response issues. 

I call this the

‘ULTIMATE’ Guide to Banishing Low Self-esteem Issues and ALL Depression – Permanently’...

Because this is far more than a just another book about the subject. This is mainly new, and totally unique content. Rarely considered before. It is very effective, on many, many levels.

This is not a medical treatise, full of self-important sounding clinical terminology or ‘science’ gobbledygook. It is not the result of mainstream indoctrination and dogmatic training. Also it’s not the usual collection of anecdotes, trips, tricks and techniques. That will only treat, temporarily, the ‘symptoms of low self-esteem issues and depression.

It is an in-depth look into the main under-lying causes of low selfesteem and depression. The result of deep personal experience. Very extensive independent research (not guided or mandated). Above all, a thorough intuitive knowledge of real life and true reality.

It is also the introduction to an ever expanding, ever developing Personal Success guide. Which can, and will, ensure success is achieved in any aspect of life you may want, or need…

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Geoff Barra
B.Ed(Hons) Leicester DeMonfort University.Education; sport, fitness, physiology and psychology. Qualified in Physical Education. In 2013 studied the equivalent of a PhD in meta-physicality and quantum physics, and all aspects of incorporeal existence. Combined extensive background in physiology, psychology and Biology with new found knowledge covering all aspects of ‘reality’ to become a self-development mentor.

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