What is The ONLY Prerequisite For a High Degree of Personal SUCCESS?

enhance all aspects of your life

What is The ONLY Prerequisite For a High Degree of Personal SUCCESS?

In Anything?

The only requirement to achieve high personal success, in anything you want – is an open-mind!

You learn and practice all the skills and techniques necessary for a job, or occupation, or career,
or to open your own business, and through this you gain vital experience. And, then through
sheer hard work and persistence, you may stumble upon some success. Climb the corporate
ladder, or make a good income – but, is that real success?

Are you doing something you’re passionate about and enjoy? Are you giving away too much of
your time in the chase for money? Are you having to make too many personal sacrifices to make
your living? Are you as healthy as you’d like to be? Do you have the body that you really want?
Is your life a wonderful experience full of love and joy?

No? Then you’re not successful.

Yes it is? Then you’re already open-minded.

Having a truly open-mind, being a free-thinker – rather than being a mind-controlled sheep
meekly going along with the shepherd’s wishes, is the most powerful gift you can ever have.
The problem is a free-mind is also the most difficult gift to obtain.

Virtually from birth you (and everyone) are indoctrinated into a ‘physical’ 3D world, which is
apparently full of hate, and fear, and dog-eat-dog competition. The ONLY way to survive and
prosper, in this mind-controlled world, is to put yourself first, often to the detriment of others,
to win the race for more money.

The REAL world, the world of the free-thinker, is totally different to this. It is full of love, and
joy, and limitless possibilities. It is a world where putting others first is the ONLY way to prosper.
A brotherhood of mankind, where everyone helps each other. Where all disease and ill health
are treated easily and efficiently. And a world that offers personal success, a high degree of
personal success, in any chosen field, to everyone who really wants it.

Is this REAL world not just a dream, a fantasy of imagination? Totally unobtainable to most
people? Of course, that is what you’re conditioned to believe. How can you be controlled and
made to serve the totally corrupt government, if you have a free-mind? A mind that follows a
dream (a goal) rather than conforms to the ‘education’ system. How can any one profit from
your ill health? Or, from your weight problems? Or, from your fear of failure? (All artificially,
deliberately induced conditions). If you know that you’re an omnipotent Being capable of all
possibilities – which indeed you are!

You probably already know about all the mind-set changing techniques and protocols being
promoted (and sold) Online;


Positive thinking,

Repeating affirmations,



‘The Secret’ (secret of attraction)

and all manner of self-help and motivation books etc.

and of all the different life-coaches and gurus who are teaching these.

But, be aware, trying to change your mind-set simply by following techniques and methodologies,
based on addressing ‘physical’ problems – will bring only limited results. Fo life-changing personal
success you need to go much deeper than this, and fully embrace the truth about who, and what,
you really are.

The truth will set you free!

Find the truth to personal success here….

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