Self confidence quotes

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Self confidence quotes

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What’s the best way to keep yourself naturally confident?

For a start here are some self confidence quotes to be motivated by…

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‘That more people can be led to believe something – is not the measure of the validity of any knowledge – it is the measure of gullibility.’

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‘Is self confidence gained by agreeing with the majority and dismissing the minority – or the other way around?’

‘Tell a blatant lie, even a completely idiotic one, enough times and people will eventually believe it! Call the lie a ‘scientific discovery’ and then anybody who questions the lack of common sense of the lie is regarded as a disbelieving fool – or worse, a demented ‘conspiracy theorist’.’

‘Does wearing a $2000.00 suit really make anyone better than the person wearing a $50,00 suit – or even a boiler suit?’

‘A life filled with empathy and goodwill, irrespective of the actions of others – in the final analysis, will always be rewarded.’

‘The accumulation of all true knowledge cannot be achieved in one life time – but trying will make that life worthwhile.’


‘A passed up opportunity for enlightenment – is a missed opportunity for self-development.’

‘Your perception of yourself – is limited only by your limiting beliefs.

Your beauty is appreciated by those who love you – does anyone else matter?’

What’s the best way to make self confidence quotes work for you?


There is only ONE way to ensure that you are always naturally confident… and that is by knowing and accepting who you really are!

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You are much more than a physical entity.  You (and everyone) is a Being of energetic force. The result of HIGH frequency Intelligent Creation. You are NOT a single-life, flawed, weak, physical Human Being – as you continually are led to believe.

You only think you are a physical being because of (false) education (indoctrination).

There is NO question that everyone is who they THINK they are.

Confidence is the opposite on the frequency spectrum (high vibrations) to Low self-esteem, fear, (dense low vibrations).

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It is the job of your (everyone’s) Soul (Higher-self) to experience ALL the different vibrations on the frequency spectrum. At some point in your life.

Self confidence quotes are based on experience

ALL experiences are invaluable on your journey to ever further enlightenment and personal evolution.

So, embrace low self-esteem, when it happens. Enjoy it, do not worry about it.

Low self-esteem is simply the symptoms of fear (low vibrations) it will not last forever. It is simply providing a learning experience that you will ultimately benefit from.

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With this mindset – it will actually be difficult to experience low self-esteem – however, having confidence is another beneficial learning experience. Ah, and it is a much easier one to embrace.

Of course, regardless of it being a learning experience NO one wants to go through life with depression hovering over them – so you can take positive steps to recover from depression (even CURE acute depression).

So are the best ways to keep yourself naturally confident? It just needs a change of mindset.

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Be your natural self!


Disregard other people’s opinions of you.

Take risks.

Embrace failure (as a valuable lesson).

Look at everything as a ‘positive’ in your life (because it is).

Think of others before yourself.

Understand that fear is an emotion – not a thought process.

Live for the now – not the past, nor the future.

There is far too much to talk about regarding self confidence and mindset, in a few paragraphs here…

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