A FREE Mind is the GREATEST Gift Anyone can Have…

enhance all aspects of your life

A FREE Mind is the GREATEST Gift Anyone can Have…

There is absolutely NOTHING in life more valuable than an Open and free mind….
With an open and free mind anything – everything, becomes possible!

The answers to the questions about the reasons for our very existence on Earth are, of course, complex and challenging to comprehend without a huge degree of open-mindedness and an acceptance of ALL possibilities; including some that will totally obliterate many people’s belief systems.

”Nah, don’t believe that mate you’re crazy,” is the usual (tedious) response to hearing anything that is antithetical to the accepted norm. Of course this knee-jerk reaction is based on ignorance, nothing more, and is really just a way of expressing an opinion based on delusion.

Without any consideration, or research, or real interest. A glib and easy response that protects a person’s (often misguided) beliefs in religion, or evolution, or in their own (very limited) conceptualisation of what is real.

What creates a rigid ‘belief system’ in the first place?

A narrow perception of what is real, due to the restriction of the (very limited) five senses we have to interact with the world.

The teacher teaches the teacher and obviously if the first teacher is incorrect then all subsequent teachers will be incorrect. Parents, through no fault of their own, bring up their child in the way they know, in a way they were taught by their parents and when the child grows up and becomes a parent themselves, of course allowing for modern updates, the same process carries on.

The school education system, at the teacher level, continues to unintentionally misinform and reinforce false notions, due to the counterfeit knowledge the teachers received. (This intention however is quite deliberate by the controllers of the educational system).

This misinformation is continued at University level and by then a dense 3D very limited view of life becomes totally ingrained and extremely difficult to abjure.

The deliberately defective (virtually world-wide) educational system is purposely designed to give a false impression of life and the history of mankind – to cover up the real truth about reality.

Education, as it is today, is not much more than a distraction to keep children away from finding out how much power and true-worth they each have as individual human beings, and how much influence each can really have on the world in which they live.

Virtually very influence we are exposed to from the cradle onwards, reinforces a very limited perception of reality.

It is these limitations that restrict our development and evolvement as human beings. That causes us to think we are merely insignificant, one life beings, with no power of our own. That we need to be influenced and guided by teachers and leaders and governments. That makes us succumb to restrictions and regulations – to control.

We are led to believe (indoctrination) that (highly manipulated) popular opinion – group-think is the measure of reality. If the majority believe it – it must be true. We become ‘sheeple’ to be herded, manipulated and controlled at the will of the those who we allow to be in charge of us.

An open and free mind allows us to break free of conformity, of limitation, of ordinariness.

An open and free mind allows us to think critically, to form individual opinion and viewpoints, and above all to question.

An open and free mind gives us the opportunity to realise and understand our OWN power. The opportunity to consider ALL possibility, and the opportunity to live life with NO limits.

Whatever information your are exposed to – consider it – do NOT just reject it based merely on your own ignorance. Accept the possibility that it might be true.

If the information interests you – research about it further (deeper than the highly censored mainstream though) if not, move on without expressing an opinion. Just keep an OPEN mind about it. In this way you will eventually become ‘awakened’ – and then your life really will change for the better!

Retain your single-minded dogma about everything and your life will continue to labour under ever more restrictions.

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