How to Retire by 50 – With Financial Freedom

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How to Retire by 50 – With Financial Freedom

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What could be better than Time and Financial Freedom at a young age?

If you’re wondering how to retire by 50. I can give you the answer. You need to change your current mindset!

Think about why are you ‘trapped’ in the boring drudgery of a 9 to 5 existence? ‘Trapped’ in a low-paid, or high-stress job. Or ‘trapped’ in the illusion that a job, even one you may hate, is the only way to survive in the modern world?

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The answer, of course, is that you are not ‘trapped’. You have simply thought yourself into being trapped – for some reason;

I have no skills for anything else.

I have no time to try anything else.

At least I have a job.

Who cares, my job pays the bills.

I would love to do something else, but…!

Whatever your thought processes are, they are the reasons for you being in your current situation. Nothing else.

Are you really okay with being a ‘slave’ to your job, or to your boss? To making do with what you have. Or are you just making excuses to yourself. To avoid doing anything about it?

I CAN guarantee your Personal Success in anything you want… BUT, you really have to want it! I do not have a ‘Magic Pill’ that will instantly transform your life, or your body. Nor does anyone else have such a solution. No matter what they might suggest!

If you do nothing except sit back and wait for something to happen to make things better. Nothing will happen to make things better. However, it is relatively easy for me to tell you how to retire by 50.

Synchronicity will lead you to the knowledge of how to retire by 50

I will simply set you off in the right direction. Then synchronicity takes over and leads you to where you want to go. IF you totally commit yourself to taking action to get what you want.

It is NOT just motivational rah – rah, it is a simple statement of fact… To tell you that you are an Omnipotent being. You ARE capable of achieving everything you want. You have the power to manifest virtually anything into your life. .

Perhaps you have heard about “The Secret” – the Law of Attraction? This is based on the idea that if you visualise something you want, with enough focus, passion and desire – it will happen.

Unfortunately, although the premise is correct, it is not as simple as that. Yes, you do need focus, passion and desire to make changes. But, these things will only inevitably lead you to problems, frustrations and ‘roadblocks’. And NOT directly to your goal.

This is what so many people misunderstand. I really, really, want to have more money. I think about it, visualise it, even feel it, all the time. But, something negative always happens…

Then you give it all up as a bad job. Ah, it was not meant to be for me.! 

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All challenges in your life – are actually positive experiences.

If you realise, and understand, that your focus, passion, and desire is actually designed – it’s meant, to lead you to further problems and frustrations, you will have no reason to give up.

It is  how you then react to these problems and ‘roadblocks’ that will determine your ultimate success or failure.

Find the solution to whatever problem or frustration facing you. Then that solution will likely result in yet another problem that also needs to be overcome… And so on…

Realise and understand though, the problems and frustrations continually facing you, are leading you TOWARDS your goal. NOT away from it.

Retirement is a state of mind.

Having the right mindset guiding you towards knowing how to retire at 50 is one thing. Having the finances to do it is quite another.

Many people who ‘retire’ simply change from one type of work to another. You have to decide yourself what retirement actually means to you. If you want to retire, so that you have more free time you will need more money… Than if you want to retire by changing to a less stressful, or more fulfilling occupation.

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Of course. another consideration is what age you are as you read this. Do you have many years before you are 50. Or few years?

Whatever type of retirement you chose follow this link…To one of the most effective, NO cost, NO investment, NO risk income opportunities ever devised.

This brilliant new business concept HAS the power to fund your retirement within 12.months.

Whatever retirement plans you have, whatever investment plans you have…


The world has gone mad!

The world has completely changed since the onslaught of the faked ‘Corona Virus’ pandemic.

This website is not the forum on which I want to get too deeply into all this. However, more and more people are ‘waking up’ to the obvious corruption among the puppet governments of the world. And how they all sing the song dictated to them by world controlling organisations and major corporations.

This truth is inescapable – unless you are controlled yourself by the indoctrination of the mainstream media. Never-the-less whatever your views are regarding the development of the recent life-changing situation. There can be no denying of the far reaching consequences of it.

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Failed at making money

I wish I had know how to retire by 50 when I was younger.

I have spent the past 15 years of my life losing money on the Internet. While trying, in vain, to get enough money to retire when I was 65. I failed.

My debts ensured my retirement would not be a comfortable one. However, I did eventually find some financial success. My past experiences and my persistence in not giving up, led to my current situation. This has created a vast array of experience I can now pass on to others (to you). I am at no. 6 in this program. This means that anyone who joins with me will have the advantage of being in a founder member’s team. Right at the top.

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