Natural Beauty – How to Achieve it…

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Natural Beauty – How to Achieve it…

Natural Beauty – What really is it?

Bloom is the transformation of a bud into a beautiful flower. The transformation of the human body from puberty into beautiful adulthood can be considered in the same way. Is the flower always beautiful? Is adulthood always beautiful? What really is natural beauty?

Of course  natural ‘beauty’ is a subjective concept.

woman with natural beauty

As the saying goes; “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There are no set parameters regarding what beauty is. Or what makes ‘beauty’ appealing. When you think about it, beauty is nothing more than mindset. If you believe that something (or some one) is beautiful… It (or they) WILL be beautiful to you. Regardless of other people’s opinion. Isn’t this all that really matters?

Unfortunately, beauty, or rather the perceived lack of it, is one of the prime causes of many negative issues that women experience. In the consciousness of the vast majority of women is the belief that her value is primarily based on her ‘Beauty’.

As in most ‘physical’ aspects of the human being’s current existence on Earth. ‘Beauty’ and the conception and definition of it, has become simply a for-profit industry.

‘Beauty’ is nothing more than indoctrination

There can be absolutely NO doubt that ‘beauty’, as far as women go, is nothing more than an indoctrination. Perpetrated by the motive of profit. ‘Beauty’ has become an idealized ideology.

two women with contrived beauty

A state of being that is, for most women, tantalizingly achievable – but remains, stubbornly (profitably) unattainable. Of course, this has been deliberately planned and manufactured. Then brought into being by the propaganda of the ‘Beauty’ industry.

Glossy magazines, fashion models, advertising images and movies, have all helped to create an artificial and contrived concept of woman’s ‘beauty’.

Money, more than any other consideration, is the deciding factor in the ultimate attainment of ‘beauty’. The amount of profit being available for gain from ‘beauty’ products and accessories and surgeries etc… Is the ONLY motivator of the beauty industry.

Of course, it goes without saying that essentially all cosmetics and other so-called ‘beauty’ products are created with – or heavily supplemented with, synthetic chemicals. That can, and often do, ultimately cause untold health problems. Including cancer. However, they are VERY profitable and easy to sell, with sufficient advertising and invidious indoctrination.

Most ‘beauty’ products are highly toxic. They do not enhance natural beauty

womans naturally beautiful face

Aloe Vera gel, the substance occurring naturally in the Aloe Vera plant is a wonderful compound. It can very effectively treat (beautify) all manner of skin conditions. It is free and it has NO side-effects (except beneficial ones).

But, naturally it is not proclaimed by the ‘beauty industry’ extolling it’s wonderful virtues. It is conveniently ignored. Instead chemically mutilated versions of it are synthetically manufactured, and advertised, and sold (regardless of the negative side-effects they have).

Why would anyone in their right mind buy and use manufactured, dangerous-to-health expensive crap, instead of simply using natural free plant extracts?

Obviously the answer is ignorance – or (induced) vanity? This is the 3D dense world that we live in. A world that puts profits before even the merest hint of integrity and consideration to fellow human beings.

Natural beauty has NOTHING to do with the ‘Beauty Industry’

I would find all the banal and infantile mainstream adverting promoting ‘beauty’ amusing if not aware of the damage it does. Both physical and psychological – and, of course, financial! The extremes people are persuaded to go to in the attainment for (a corporate contrived version) of beauty, to me is quite incredible.

natural beauty face

That this needs to stop is obvious. But it is also very difficult to do. Such is the power of group-think and brainwashing.

It is easy to say – beauty is on the inside – it is the way you feel, rather than look. But, unfortunately this is too simplistic. It is not as straightforward as that. Whatever the ‘standards’ of beautiful appearance are, every woman wants to look attractive as possible.

However, to mutilate oneself by cosmetic surgery or breast enhancement, or to compromise health by over using chemical and toxic ‘beauty’ products is, surely self-defeating?

There can be nothing more damaging to physical appearance than ill-health and mental anguish.

Rather than continue having to italicize the word ‘beauty’ because of its money-corrupted meaning, I am going to use the word bloom to describe the natural beauty of a woman.

To ‘bloom’ is natural beauty

To bloom, does not rely on trying to meet the imposed criteria of stereotypical beauty. There are no particular looks or exterior standards required. To bloom is to be beautiful – regardless of appearance.

depressed woman

Anxiety or unhappiness, or stress, brought about by indoctrinated ideas about physical appearance has become endemic among women. Who feel they do not measure up to the ‘accepted’ (contrived) standards.

This has led to a great many negative health and mental issues. Make the best of what you have. But, also enjoy and celebrate your individualism.

Yes, there is nothing wrong in making an effort to look as physically attractive as possible. Indeed, it is a positive motivation in many cases.

There is no getting away from the fact that feeling you look good, by whatever standards you are measuring yourself against, has a very positive effect on your personal well-being.

Can someone who has not been blessed with ‘perfect’ features be considered beautiful?  Perhaps not by the contrived ‘Glossy magazine’ standards of (usually photo-shopped) beauty. But, everyone CAN ‘bloom’! Perhaps not everyone can be physically attractive. Although ‘physically attractive’ is a subjective opinion. However, everyone can (and should) let their natural beauty – their ‘bloom’ shine.

Having flawless skin, regardless of the symmetry or look of your features – is to bloom. This is achievable by anyone. It is brought about simply by proper nutrition. And can be enhanced further by using wholly natural plant extracts. No need for artificial and dangerous manufactured, for-profit products.

Inner beauty is far more attractive, in every circumstance, than ‘Beauty Industry’ conceived physical beauty anyway.

Natural beauty comes from within – not from without.  

naturally beautiful woman

Treat the conditions that cause your self-doubt and lack of confidence about your looks. Not the results of them. Free your mind from ignorance and dogma and conformity. Do not just meekly and passively accept all the control you are under. If you really want to bloom (to be naturally beautiful) you can – and will, be! Fight back against the ‘beauty’ profit system.

Be yourself, for yourself. And do not judge yourself by other people’s standards. A healthy body and a healthy (free) mind – which IS achievable by everyone is all that you need to REALLY bloom.

These fine words are easy to say – but often difficult to do! I understand that. I look in the mirror and think about how I can ‘improve’ the face staring back at me. How I can make it as attractive to other people as I can?

And the most effective way to do this, without a doubt, is to alter your feelings about yourself. If you are calm, content, at peace – happy, not only your face , but your whole demeanour, will reflect this. And you will instantly become more attractive.

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Make-up appears to smooth the complexion, hide lines and wrinkles, extenuate and highlight your positive attributes, maybe even make you look ‘sexy’…But, what is more sexy than reflecting joy? A good mood, being ‘frisky’, having confidence in yourself – and a genuine smile. All are far more potent ‘beautifiers’ than any make-up.

Losing fear (a low vibration state) really is all you need – to bloom. To be beautiful (attractive). With the knowledge that you are simply ‘playing a game’ in everything you do in life it is difficult to be fearful about anything. You are just having a valuable experience, whenever you experience anything.

Of course, there is far more to all this than I can relate in this blog post…However, in my Plant and Grow Your Personal Success course I CAN guarantee your personal success in any aspect of your life – including enhancing your natural beauty…Your Bloom. here!, 


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Geoff Barra
Ed(Hons) Leicester DeMonfort University.Education; sport, fitness, physiology and psychology. Qualified in Physical Education. In 2013 studied the equivalent of a PhD in meta-physicality and quantum physics, and all aspects of incorporeal existence. Combined extensive background in physiology, psychology and Biology with new found knowledge covering all aspects of ‘reality’ to a self-development mentor.

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