What Really is Beauty?

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What Really is Beauty?

Of course ‘beauty’ is a subjective concept and – as the saying goes; “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There are no set parameters regarding what beauty is, or what makes ‘beauty’ appealing. When you think about it, beauty is nothing more than mindset. If you believe that something (or some one) is beautiful – it (or they) will be beautiful to you, regardless of other people’s opinion. Isn’t this all that really matters?

Unfortunately, beauty, or rather the perceived lack of it (whatever ‘it’ is) is one of the prime causes of most negative issues that women experience. In the consciousness of the vast majority of women has been set the belief that a woman’s value is primarily based on her ‘Beauty’.

As in most ‘physical’ aspects of the human being’s current existence on Earth, ‘beauty’ and the conception and definition of it, has become simply a for-profit industry. There can be absolutely NO doubt that ‘beauty’ as far as women go, is nothing more than an indoctrination perpetrated by the motive of profit. ‘Beauty’ has become an idealised ideology.

A state of being that is, for most women, tantalisingly achievable – but remains, stubbornly (profitably) unattainable. Of course this has been deliberately planned and manufactured, and then brought into being by the propaganda of the ‘Beauty’ industry. Glossy magazines, fashion models, advertising images and movies, have all helped to create an artificial and contrived concept of woman’s ‘beauty’.

Money, more than any other consideration, is the deciding factor in the ultimate attainment of ‘beauty’. The amount of profit being available for gain from ‘beauty’ products and accessories and surgeries etc. is the only motivator of the beauty industry.

Of course it goes without saying that essentially all cosmetics and other so-called ‘beauty’ products are created with – or heavily supplemented with chemicals. That can, and often do, ultimately cause untold health problems – including cancer. However, they are VERY profitable and easy to sell – with sufficient advertising and invidious indoctrination.

Aloe Vera gel, the substance occurring naturally in the Aloe Vera plant is a wonderful compound that can very effectively treat (beautify) all manner of skin conditions. It is free and it has NO side-effects (except beneficial ones). But, of course it is not proclaimed by the ‘beauty industry’ extolling it’s wonderful virtues – it is conveniently ignored. Instead chemically mutilated versions of it are synthetically manufactured and advertised and sold (regardless of the negative side-effects they has).

Why would anyone in their right mind buy and use manufactured, dangerous-to-health expensive crap, instead of simply using natural free plant extracts? Obviously the answer is ignorance – or (induced) vanity. This is the 3D dense world that we live in. A world that puts profits before even the merest hint of integrity and consideration to fellow human beings.

With the right mindset YOU can escape from this world…



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