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A human body is made up of fundamental energies. Food also has its own energies. This is why food combinations are far more important than the types and amounts of food.

Combining foods that have different energy vibrations leads to an overload on the digestive system (fire) which results in toxin production, leading to indigestion, putrefaction, gas formation, dis-ease, ill health and, of course, weight gain. You do NOT need a diet – you need to change energies…

When thoroughly analysed it has been found that most of these diets totally lack balance and any understanding of the energetic vibrations of food and nutriment – and the actions these frequencies have on your cells

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, dating back thousands of years, not only addresses the substance of food and nutrition in terms of molecular actions and reactions, but also, and more importantly, it takes into consideration the interrelationship of food with the five elements – fire, earth, water, air and ether. This is a vital relationship that needs to be understood, before any diet will be anything more than a temporary fix.

As Ayurveda explains everything – and every being, is made up of energetic vibrations. This ancient wisdom passed down from generation to generation, has been suppressed and hidden in modern society, in favour of commercial interests. Ayurveda says there are three fundamental energies involved…Vata (wind), Pitta(fire) and Kapha (earth) – and depending on a person’s predominant energy;

some foods will be highly beneficial whereas others may create imbalances in the body.
To know more about your dominating dosha refer to our Prakruti analysis chart here

Just as a human body is made up of fundamental energies, food also has its own energies. Taste, heating, or cooling, energies and a post –digestive energy. This is why food combinations are far more important than the types and amounts of food.

One thing to say here is that any so-called food that has been processed, packaged, or is sold in a fast-food restaurant, is not food at all, in the real meaning of the word. It is not beneficial fuel for the body, but, simply chemical saturated substances designed for profit, rather than nutrition.

Combining foods that have different energy vibrations and opposite effects on the body, leads to an overload on the digestive system (fire) which results in toxin production, leading to indigestion, putrefaction, gas formation, dis-ease, ill health and, of course, weight gain.

Ayurveda is not about excluding certain foods and including others, it is more about understanding your own personal energetic frequencies, which make up your own personal constitution, and eating wisely. Real food is medicine.

Actually proper nutritious food is much more than medicine it is a prevention of all illness and body problems. There is no disease known to man than cannot be prevented (or subsequently treated) with proper nutrition. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to obtain real food (body fuel) nowadays, such is the influence of money and profit over everything else. However, making sensible choices from what is available, will be highly beneficial.

Ayurveda classifies food into 6 tastes – sweet, salty, pungent, sour, bitter and astringent, and recommends including all the 6 tastes for a wholesome diet.

In order to help you understand negative food combinations, below is a list of common diet fallacies.
Something I totally agree with, and teach, when it comes to diet is moderation.

A radical change of lifestyle is required for most people to permanently lose weight, gain fitness, or fight disease.

However, I recommend balance and common sense, when trying to tackle this. Treat any diet suggestions, including this one, as a guideline rather than as hard and fast rules, that limit your freedoms too severely.

Trying to follow hard and fast rules, usually creates mental and emotional barriers, which ultimately disturb the flow of life – the energies, that effect the body and mind.

Start any change of diet (lifestyle) slowly. Set small achievable goals. Success is a journey not a destination. As you get used to a (small) change and your body vibrations adjust, start another one.

Here I would suggest that if you are not committed to the journey – a change in your circumstances, do NOT start it.

Trying something (anything) halfheartedly will always have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. Losing weight, for example; if you try a diet on a whim, just to see what happens – it will always fail, and you will regain any weight you lost, and much quicker than you lost it. And then you will also have emotional scars to deal with.

As a general rule, try to eat the following food items alone rather than combining them with other food items

You may find some of these incompatible combinations quite hard to accept. But, the health and weight benefits you will gain by taking notice of, and adopting, this advice are very considerable.


Of course I would suggest that you move slowly and implement one change at a time. You WILL feel the differences in your energy levels and general well-being with each change.

Carefully ‘listen’ to your body, it will let you know how the changes are effecting you. Your goal is to start feeling better about yourself and full of life.

A strong digestive fire is a blessing as it can help you deal with incompatible food combinations effectively. Some useful tips to increase your belly fire and improve your digestion include:

1. Consuming ½ tsp of freshly grated ginger with a pinch of rock salt at the beginning of a meal can help stimulate the digestive fire.

2. Ghee (clarified butter) stimulates the fire and aids in digestion.

3. Sipping on warm water between meals improves digestion and enhances absorption. On the other hand, iced water makes your metabolism sluggish.

4. Chewing your food properly aids digestion rather than swallowing it hastily as it doesn’t mix well with the saliva.

5. Eat only when you’re hungry and not when you’re only plain thirsty. Try understanding the needs of your body. 6. Eat and drink till you are 75% full. Do not overeat as it stifles the digestive fire.

Our body has a unique quality of adaptation and we may have therefore not observed any untoward effect whilst eating wrong combinations earlier. Moreover, indulging in incompatible foods occasionally does not adversely affect the digestive fire.

However, it is important that we eat mindfully because as the adage goes- You are what you Eat.

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