How to lose weight without exercise

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How to lose weight without exercise

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I want to lose weight but I can’t give up my sweet tooth and desserts which I eat almost everyday. What can I do besides exercise?

Your question about how to lose weight without exercise to yourself should be…
WHY can’t I give up sweet things?

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And I will tell you the answer…

Because you have simply trained yourself – your mind, into an addictive habit. Which is very easy to do.

Unfortunately (you perhaps don’t want to hear this) there is NO way you will gain your natural body weight if you keep eating ANYTHING with sugar in it. Or even worse fake sugar (artificial chemical sweeteners).

I could spend the next three pages telling you why refined sugar is VERY seriously bad for health. -Basically though, it boils down to sugar is processed for PROFITS Not for nutritional value. The same applies to artificial sweeteners.

The good thing is you do NOT have to give up on your sweet tooth.

You have to change your eating habit to eating foods sweetened with honey (raw unprocessed honey) or organic Coconut sugar. Or Maple syrup. Which are all far more tasty anyway. And more nutritious. There are lots of recipes for desserts using these sweeteners on the Internet.

Honey – if you can make the change, is a ‘Super-food’ (of course in moderation). It is far more tasty and very healthy. Coconut sugar not quite as healthy. But, never-the-less it is an vast improvement on health damaging, poisonous refined sugar.

Ah, maybe you will have to make your desserts yourself. Surely doing that is better than than starting endless exercising.

PLEASE do not be taken in by any advice you receive regarding exercise as a substitute for proper nutrition. Again, I could take up three pages explaining why. But, believe me – exercise very often does more damage than good to your body cells.

In your quest to finding out how to lose weight without exercise…

NEVER exercise with the goal of losing weight in mind.

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It simply WILL NOT work and will do you more damage than good!

The proliferation of ‘fitness’ being the most important thing regarding weight control, is for profits. To sell gym equipment and gym memberships and clothes etc. Not because it is beneficial to you.

Any exercise you ever do should be moderate and done only with the goal of improving your general well being. Unless, of course, you’re an athlete or sportsman. IF you are a sportsman of any kind. You will (surely) not need advice on how to lose weight by giving sweet things.

Fitness exercise should NEVER be the main part of a weight loss regime.

Of course the main part – the ONLY part of knowing how to lose weight without exercise is proper nutrition!

The right kind of food is your only concern regarding losing weight. The more you can change your diet, the faster you will lose weight. You do not need a treadmill. Except perhaps for walking on! Running and throwing yourself around, to ‘burn calories, is totally unnecessary. IF you are eating the right kind of calories.

Make the changes to your diet gradually.

One small step at a time…and eventually you will be able to make them stick.

Please do NOT simply give in to the thought that…’Ah, well I don’t really care about myself enough to give up what I like…’ Because with this attitude, you will find many other things in your life also become a challenge to you. This attitude could lead to low self-esteem issues.

You have to believe in yourself. Believe how important you actually are in the great scheme of things. There is NO one in the world who is superior to you. NO one who has any more right to be here than you. YOU are an intrinsic part of the whole of creation. Your body DOES matter. Not only to yourself – but, also to others around you.

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How does it matter to other people? Because whatever positive change you can make WILL raise your personal vibrations. Which will alter your general aura and make you more attractive to be around.

So, knowing how to lose weight without exercise is not only good for your health and weight. It is also essential to your general well-being.

How to lose weight without exercise is a journey. Not a destination.

Forget about all the crap regarding ‘lose weight in 3 weeks – or 3 days – or whatever! That rubbish is peddled purely for profits. Not for a desire to really help you.

IF you can succeed in making, even a small change in your diet, you will gain a sense of achievement from it. That will help to raise you Personal Vibrations. Which will lead you to start feeling good about yourself. This then, in turn, WILL lead to other successes in other parts of your life.

Do NOT give up on yourself. Your wonderful, ever rejuvenating body and personal sense of self-worth IS worth any effort you can make.

Of course there is far more to all this than I can relate here on a blog post…

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However, IF you are interested in how I can assure your success in regaining your natural body shape and weight. WITHOUT the need of endless exercising follow this link.


And start your journey to successful weight lose without exercise…and then to your personal success in any other aspect of your life as well!








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Geoff Barra
B.Ed(Hons) Leicester DeMonfort University.Education; sport, fitness, physiology and psychology. Qualified in Physical Education. In 2013 studied the equivalent of a PhD in meta-physicality and quantum physics, and all aspects of incorporeal existence. Combined extensive background in physiology, psychology and Biology with new found knowledge covering all aspects of ‘reality’ to a self-development mentor.



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