How do you control yourself from excessive snacking?

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How do you control yourself from excessive snacking?

I am assuming your question is how do YOU stop yourself from excessive snacking, rather than how I do it.

The simple answer is = by changing your mindset!

Yes, you can do many things – like not buying snacks in the first place, or writing about your urges in a notebook, or trying to avoid situations where snacking is too easy to do (while watching TV or movies)…or whatever else…

All these suggestions though are like telling a smoker not to buy cigarettes…or a drug addict to try eating sliced carrots instead of making a joint…yeah, really useful advice…!!!

You are human. You have been ‘trained’ to become addicted to sweetness – and snacks. And of course, this is not unique to you. This addiction is now as great as that of any drug addict or alcoholic.

All manufactured food is created for PROFITS – not for nutrition. It is created to be ‘tasty’ (usually artificial chemical taste)…and it is purposely designed to be addictive. To make you want more of it – to buy more of it (profits!)

We are fed (pun intended) constant, invidious advertising – like people licking their lips and murmuring with delight while eating chemically produced crap that has NO nutritional value whatsoever, for example – as if taste is the ONLY thing of importance!

You have, over the years, been ‘trained to buy and eat this stuff – simply and only because it tastes good!

(Have you ever seen an ad on TV extolling the nutritional value of unadulterated fruit or vegetables…? NO, of course not!) Unadulterated fruit or vegetables (without all the toxic pesticides and chemical crap sprayed all over them, of course) are eaten because they are nutritious and healthy – not because they taste good (addictive). Healthy people are not profitable…so no point spending advertising dollars on fruit and veg.

Under normal circumstances you have as much chance of giving up your excessive snacking as a heroine addict has of giving up their ‘hit’ – or ‘kick’ – or whatever it’s called…

I guess if you move to a desert island – or permanently sit on your hands – you will stop snacking altogether…!

Really useful advice eh?

Motivating words – new ‘Diets’ – advice and suggestions – tricks and techniques are no match for the long-term power of the manipulated (addicted) mind. If you desperately crave a snack – in the end you will have one…whatever you try.

As I said…

the ONLY (long-term) way to end your addiction to manufactured food (snacks) – is by completely changing your mindset.

This is not as difficult as it may seem to you right now. However, you do have to really WANT to control (better to give it up entirely) your excessive snacking.

Trying – or doing anything half-heartedly will always lead to failure. Then you will have the emotional scars of failure to deal with – as well as your original problem remaining unresolved.

I can lead to to the right mindset for you to make a total change in your lifestyle and eating habits – to break the addiction that is causing your current excessive snacking…and likely weight gain.

And I can assure your success, not only in changing your diet and gaining control of your eating habits – but, also this will lead to successes in all other aspects of your life.

Start by watching these videos…

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