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Recently I watched a webinar about the ‘real truth of weight loss’. A webinar is, basically an Online sales pitch. I watched all three hours of it for research purposes. If they were claiming to know the ‘real truth’ about losing weight, of course I wanted to know. Because in my opinion when it comes to weight loss tips profit is king.

At first it was exciting because a lot of the things revealed, backed up my own findings and contentions about ‘real’ and permanent weight loss. As detailed here in my new book. In the webinar they were endlessly repeating that their information about weight loss was coming from highly prestigious mainstream medical and ‘science’ establishments. Such as Harvard University, and Yale, and a host of others.

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At last, I thought, the mainstream was beginning to concede publicly (what they have known all along privately). Information about the real causes and effects of weight gain and nutrition, for the benefit of people. Not, as usual, for the benefit (profits) of the paymasters and controllers of these institutions.

There are a lot of (profitable) lies told regarding weight loss

Unfortunately, although a lot of the information given was indeed based on truth. So much more was clearly being suppressed or conveniently ignored.

One thing I will say, their claim that you will lose weight with the program they were promoting could be considered true. The supercilious, patronising and overbearing sales-speak used almost caused me to lose weight – by puking up!. You know the type of thing…after three hours of this evangelism came the pitch; ‘you deserve it – you owe it to yourself’ – ‘you owe it to your family to buy this weight loss course – for $22,000.00’…!

I kid you not. They valued their information at over twenty-two thousand US dollars…!

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Ah, of course though, being the kind-hearted, altruistic sellers they were, they would let you buy it – if you ‘bought now’, for only (!?) $1,500. Unfortunately, this is all too typical of modern commerce. They dream up fantastic and ridiculous values for something from nowhere. The greater the figure…ah, obviously the greater the value…yeah, right! To persuade Joe-public that they are getting an exceptional deal.

When it all comes down to it selling anything, and particularly information, which cannot be attributed with any specific means of valuation, Profit is King!

‘Weight loss is simply a for-profit business.

It really is! ‘Diets’, ‘weight-watcher groups’, the endless ‘slimming foods’, exercise regimes, pills and potions, ridiculous surgeries, liposuction and all that. Calorie counting charts, and on it goes, are all part of (whether deliberately or unwittingly) the most profitable industry on Earth. The ill-health industry!

Human beings were designed, by ‘Nature’ – High Vibrational Intelligence, to live without disease, or being compromised by premature aging. Becoming grossly overweight is absolutely not possible if people ate nutritious natural food, provided by nature. Imagine that! Natural beings (created by Nature) thriving by eating natural food (provided by Nature).

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Unfortunately man created ‘money’. From then on, through generational indoctrination, money, the collection of it, has transcended, by far, ALL other human activities. Money is far more essential than good health in modern times. It is far more important than integrity and empathy. Without money in our lives we cannot survive, let alone thrive.

Weight loss tips are not designed to work – they are designed to be profitable.

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Do NOT, for one minute, think that all the purveyors of weight loss tips, tricks, programs and ‘Diets’, are genuinely interested in your health or well-being. Because they are NOT! It is money (profits) that is the main motivation for developing weight loss products.

You are naive in the extreme if you believe otherwise.

Do weight loss tips, tricks, programs, ‘Diets’ and the rest work? Yes, most actually do work. If they are followed explicitly. However, they will not yield anything more than temporary results. Simply because they are designed to treat only the symptoms of weight gain – NOT the actual underling causes of it.

Corporations and their ‘experts’ have NO motivation to actually provide an effective permanent solution for weight gain. If they did provide a permanent ‘cure’ they would be committing financial suicide. Within a few years their profits would dry up completely. As everyone would gain, and maintain their ideal weight. What corporation would deliberately kill their ‘golden goose’? Or, in this case, make all fat people permanently thin.

Who am I?

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Am I also not providing my weight loss tips information ultimately for profit?

Actually, my motivation for writing and selling a book – and a self-development course, is far more selfish than simply wanting money.

I want an end to the insidious control we are all under, in every aspect of our lives.

If just one person benefits from my book – and spends less money on fat-producing processed food, thereby reducing the obscene profits of the processed food corporations… All my work will be worth while.

As for the very small profits from my book – I use them to financially help less fortunate people in the village where I live in Northern Thailand.

I have no interest personally in the accumulation of possessions. I live my life to benefit others. This, to me, is worth way more than the accoutrements of financial wealth.

I sell my book for less than $3.00. However, I can promise you, you will get more ‘truth’ here than from any higher-priced book, journal, program or course, regardless what you pay for it.

My apologies…

I apologise if I enticed you to this post looking for the usual superficial weight loss tips – you have likely seen many times before anyway.

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I promise you, that you can search from now until eternity on the Internet. For weight loss tips, tricks, hacks, short-cuts, programs, ‘slimming products’, motivation groups, ‘Diets’ and the rest, and you will find NOTHING that will work permanently.

Nor anything that will not compromise other aspects of your health and well-being.

The ONLY way to lose lose weight permanently – AND to improve your health at the same time. Is by a change in your mindset. Leading to a change in your lifestyle.

This is not as difficult as it sounds… And, regardless of the weight loss benefits of doing this, changing your lifestyle and mindset will also improve EVERY other facet of your life.

Whatever else you do – please watch these free videos – and if you resonate with anything I say. My book could be your answer to regaining your natural body weight and shape, and maintaining it permanently.


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Geoff Barra
B.Ed(Hons) Leicester DeMonfort University.Education; sport, fitness, physiology and psychology. Qualified in Physical Education. In 2013 studied the equivalent of a PhD in meta-physicality and quantum physics, and all aspects of incorporeal existence. Combined extensive background in physiology, psychology and Biology with new found knowledge covering all aspects of ‘reality’ to a self-development mentor.

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    Long time supporter, and thought I’d drop a comment.

    Your wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t mind me asking what theme you’re using?
    (and don’t mind if I steal it? :P)

    I just launched my site –also built in wordpress like yours– but the theme slows (!) the site down quite a bit.

    In case you have a minute, you can find it by searching for “royal cbd” on Google (would appreciate any feedback) – it’s still in the

    Keep up the good work– and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus scare!

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