Your Life is Not Your Own

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Your Life is Not Your Own

Unfortunately our lives – the lives of everyone in the world, have been hi-jacked by a minority of less-than-human Beings, who have gained the power to take control of practically every facet of our life. This power has been created by their dominance of money, which has afforded them the opportunities to manipulate laws and governments, and exert social influences, and create endless distortions of the truth, to eventually enslave us all to their will.

Whatever your viewpoint of life is – this fact is unarguable.

Regardless of the underlying reasons – it is inescapable that money is simply a necessity for life in our world as it currently is. So, you have to ‘earn’ or gain some, somehow. The more of it you have, the more comfortable (in basic terms) your life will be. However, if you are having to make too many sacrifices, in terms of your time spent, or the stress you are under, getting it, no amount of ‘comfort’ will compensate for this. Your health will suffer, your relationships will suffer and your ‘true’ life (the experiences you should be having) will simply pass you by.

This is what Financial Freedom is all about. Earning, gaining, attracting, enough money into your life without having to spend two-thirds of your life, or literally killing yourself, doing it.

After recent events (perhaps still going on as you read this) far more people have less – or even NO, means of earning money now.

However, do not despair. Despite the the efforts of the world-controlling cabal – to transfer yet more money from the already poor to the already mega, mega rich (themselves) there is still an abundance of wealth in the world. We simply have to find new means of acquiring it.

Working TOGETHER is the answer. Together we (the people) are strong -divided and cowering in fear of all the deliberately contrived circumstances forced upon us (almost daily) we are easy to control and manipulate.

Of course, I am not proposing revolution here – I am suggesting we learn to help each other to secure our our well-being, rather than rely on (corrupt to the core) governments and BIG business to provide earning opportunities (jobs) for us.

The days of selfish profiteering and single-minded competition (dog-eat-dog) have to be put behind us now, if we want to survive – let alone thrive.

The Internet will begin provide most of the opportunities for earning an income from now on. Yes the Internet can be – will be, controlled to a larger degree, by the controlling cabal – but it will never be closed down. The Cabal’s corporations rely on it too much themselves.

Schooling – and Universities will soon become pointless as institutions for getting a career – or even a job…except basic low-paid work. Even now many people without any education are earning far more Online than virtually all University graduates.

On a side-note; schools and universities will eventually be recognised as the simple indoctrination ‘factories’ that they really are – that limit opportunities for earning money (merely training young people to become good tax-slaves) rather than enhancing them.

My personal goal – my passion in life is to help as many people as I can, to escape the fear and stress and drudgery of being on low (often very low) incomes. While the mega-rich lord it over us all.

I have no desire at all to be a $millionaire – to collect vast amounts of money for myself. I would rather 20, 30, 50… families had healthy incomes, rather than me having an excessive one.

I am not alone in this quest – to help others gain financial freedom.

Two friends of mine have created an incredible new business concept (which will pave the way for other similar ventures in the future) where EVERYONE who joins it will be able to earn an income (potentially a HUGE income) starting with NO cost – NO investment (and therefore NO risk).

In fact, this Income Opportunity is so good the developers will even pay YOU to join it!

The real beauty about this business is that the more people help other people to gain financial success, the more money they will earn themselves. And in this way, we can begin to fight back against the greed and corruption that is so prevalent in our modern society.

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