Month: April 2020

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Low Self-esteem

What can you do about what’s already been done? The simple and obvious answer to this question is…to learn from it. Everything that happens in your life has a purpose – and is an experience from which you grow and learn and develop.I assume this question is in regards to self-doubt, or perhaps low self-esteem…
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Losing Weight? Can ‘Foods’ Assist With This?

Can ‘foods assist’ in losing weight = ABSOLUTELY NO…!!! is the answer! However, nutrition CAN, and, of course, does not only assist in losing weight it causes weight loss! This is most people’s problem. They have no idea about the difference between ‘food’ and nutrition. They are NOT the same (far from it). Nutrition comes from knowledge…
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Cure Depression

I want to die, but how? If this is a genuine question, you appear to be seeking practical and actionable methods of suicide. Not a cry for help to cure depression, as other people answering your question assume. However, of course this is an impossible question to answer as you have written it. Anyone even…
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How to Get Out of Debt

How to get out of debt on a low income – or even NO income You doubtless have – you should have, personal success goals in life that you are aiming to achieve. Whatever they are, you will have to spend money to attain them. The first thing you must know is how get out…
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Make Money

Are You a Dreamer or an Achiever? Are you trying hard to make money Online? Going round in circles but, of success there’s still no sign? Spending ever more and more money than you’re earning? Bemused? Confused? Overwhelmed? And still yearning? You should give up and concentrate solely on your day job. This is genuine…
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