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Are You a Dreamer or an Achiever?

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Are you trying hard to make money Online?
Going round in circles but, of success there’s still no sign?

Spending ever more and more money than you’re earning?
Bemused? Confused? Overwhelmed? And still yearning?

You should give up and concentrate solely on your day job.
This is genuine advice for people who moan, bitch and sob,

for the person who becomes known as a lame ‘tyre-kicker’,
who does not have the commitment to become a stickler.

It’s great to have a DREAM. It can get us through the day,
when things are not going well, it’ll get better soon we say.

We often find we have just too many challenges to face,
and of things working out well – there’s usually no trace.

One day it will all be different though, we furrow our brow,
things will work out and we will get some money somehow.

And then we will get our dream home, or our dream lifestyle
or whatever the dream is, that’ll make us happy for a while.

For many of us having a dream is a necessary safety-valve,
a pressure relief, a comfort, a self-confidence and ego salve

A few moments each day we can sit back and with imagination,
see ourselves in a different a different place – an ideal situation

And we tell ourselves that’s where we’ll be in the near future,
some people can use this thought as positive a motivation – a spur.

So, let’s just put up with things as they are now, it will get better.
However, this will
only happen, if you act and become a go-getter.

Of course without true belief NOTHING will ever really change,
no matter what you try to do, or what ventures you arrange.

Of course, you will always have ups and downs – day in and day out,
but, these can
all be positive, if in your self-belief, you have no doubt.

Maybe some days, even weeks, will be better than others, you’ll see
but, if you think you’re just unlucky in everything you try, you will be.

There really is no such thing as luck (god or bad) in your life though,
every single thing that happens is a direct result of what you sow.

Every challenge sent your way is a learning experience to learn by,
whatever you do or undertake, you will not find success unless you try

And how you deal with all these challenges, will effect the way…
your personal energetic vibrations will come and go – or even stay.

How you deal with any problem, will effect the next one, and so on.
If you don’t know this (or don’t believe it) opportunities will be gone,

then you’ll likely give up on the dream you’ve been constantly seeking.
Ah, nothing you do ever works out – you continue your bleating

And, nothing will ever work out, if that becomes your constant mind-set.
If you know this (you do now) and accept it, you have no reason to fret.

You will deal with each challenge you come across in a more positive way,
instead of negative challenges leading you to throw up your arms to pray.

Ever more negative outcomes, and each new challenge will lead you…
where you want to go, let a positive attitude lead you in everything you do.

The road to personal success is not easy…unless you have a good map,
do not allow all the twists and turns to be an insurmountable handicap.

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