How to Get Out of Debt

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How to Get Out of Debt

How to get out of debt on a low income – or even NO income

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You doubtless have – you should have, personal success goals in life that you are aiming to achieve. Whatever they are, you will have to spend money to attain them. The first thing you must know is how get out of debt especially if you are on a low income.  Getting a copy of my new book will take you a step nearer to accomplishing your goals.

It is too easy, in modern life, to become complacent and simply accept the financial level you are at. The accumulation of ever more possessions, or comforts and distractions, will only take you so far, in terms of life fulfilment. A higher income, to gain more time freedom to enjoy other aspects of life, should become a main success goal.

If improved health or weight-control, or higher self-perception (losing depression) are among your success goalsarmed with the right mindset and knowledge, you can more easily achieve these aims.happy girl - celebrating getting out of debt


Get Your Life Back

If a lack of money – especially after recent events, is a barrier to you achieving you all you want – as it is for most people, then earning more money is the first step you must take on your journey to attaining your success goals.

I see all the time, when I’m on the Internet, the ‘Make Money’ Gurus telling everyone to follow them and their methods, because they are already financially successful. I guess that if someone has made a lot of money, they should be able to show other people how they did it.

These people often made their money by telling other people how to make money. This is not always a good recipe for your own success though.


Not Everyone Can Sell Stuff.

It takes a certain type of personality and attitude (usually egocentric) to sell things to other people. Not everyone has these attributes. Fewer than 2% of the people who buy ‘make-money-online’ courses and products, actually make any money by implementing the ideas and schemes they purchased.

I, for one, do not have the necessary attributes to sell these kinds of how-to-do ‘affiliate marketing’ programs. I could not in all conscience, sell any product knowing that it would benefit only a very few of the people who buy it. That is making money at other people’s expense – and that’s not for me. I’m not suggesting that the people who do sell these products are doing anything shady or illegal, or even immoral. I’m just making a point that many people cannot do it. Me among picture - my advice how to get out of debt

I make my money Online from programs set up to help other people get success. And Then the more success others get – the more success I get. To me this is a total win-win situation. I am not simply selling or promoting something that will only benefit me from doing so. It is true I sell books and my own personal development course (at a very modest price) however, the only motivation I had in writing these was to try to help others gain success. I use any profit I make from from these books to financially help support poor and disadvantaged people and to help people get out of debt. I do this not because of any self-perceived moral superiority, it is simply because I want to.


We Cannot Live Properly if You Cannot Get Out of Debt

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For me personally, no amount of money to buy stuff, comes even close to the the feelings of self-satisfaction and inner contentment from the higher personal vibrations I gain by helping others to achieve an improvement in their life. 

It is often said that a $millionaire (someone who has already done it) is the best person to learn how to become rich from. This however, is not necessarily true. To become a $millionaire takes a certain mindset – which is primarily one of ‘me first’! There are few self-made $millionaires who got wealthy without conscious effort to ensure their own needs came first. I would also suggest most $millionaires, even if they are really genuine about helping others, are, of course, first and foremost profit-motivated in everything they do. Otherwise they would not have become $millionaires. I personally have no desire at all in becoming a $millionaire for its own sake.

I have struggled for, at least 15 years, trying – and failing to make money Online. Now, I make enough to support the simple life I have chosen – and anything above this, I use to support others.


Personal Success

If your personal success goal is to become a $millionaireimage of grinning millionaire – I can still ensure you achieve it. I can introduce you to some very rich people who can teach you all you need to know to become seriously wealthy. If you have the right mindset. However, I would sincerely ask you to seriously analyse your reasons for wanting this. To want to become a $millionaire just for the sake of achieving it, will require a totally different mindset and approach, than simply wanting to gain enough money to enable you to enjoy the time freedom it will bring.

Many an Internet $millionaire ends up working more hours than anyone else. Personally, I believe this is the problem – and not the solution to the way the world is currently. Too often the collection of money is seen as the end product, rather than just being a means to an end.


There is a Better Way to Get Out of Debt

My approach to earning money is to return as much value for the money I receive, as I can. For example; would I buy a template-based $27.00 video-making software, that anyone can use – and then try to sell the 30 second videos I make, to business people for $700 or more? As the sellers of the software advise. No, I couldn’t do it. If you could, with no conscience – you have the right ‘me-first’ mindset to become very rich.

However, if I could offer to help you get started in a potentially very lucrative Online business and pay my initial profits towards ensuring you get some success, then as your earnings increase, mine will to. This is a win, win situation for us both. Then to increase your earnings even further you do the same for other people – and so on. Genuinely – a give…to get situation, (Universal Law) rather than relying on conning people, or taking advantage of them simply for your own benefit!

Below is the link for such a business opportunitywoman on laptop getting out of debt – which will cost you NOTHING to get started (therefore it’s zero-risk). You will not have to pay anything until you are 100% sure you will earn a potentially huge income. This FREE income opportunity has the ability to ensure you know how to get out of debt.  Depending on how you approach it – this business can even get you started on the road towards complete financial, and more importantly, time and stress, freedom. And get your life back on track with no more debt.



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Geoff Barra
B.Ed (Hons) Leicester DeMonfort University.Education; sport, fitness, physiology and psychology. Qualified in P.E. & Art. Professional Artist & Designer, Author, Personal Success mentor, Internet Entrepreneur….and lover of life!

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