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Cure Depression

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I want to die, but how?

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If this is a genuine question, you appear to be seeking practical and actionable methods of suicide. Not a cry for help to cure depression, as other people answering your question assume.

However, of course this is an impossible question to answer as you have written it.

Anyone even suggesting to you a method of suicide, throwing yourself under a bus, for example, with be mentally, if not practically, implicit in your death.

No one wants that on their conscience.

How can you die? There is only one answer that anyone can give you in this respect…wait for your death to occur as your destiny, has decreed it.

This, of course, is a simplistic answer and will not help you, if you are as desperate (for whatever reason) as it would appear.

Regardless of your own circumstances or situation that prompted this question, it opens an interesting discussion for anyone who maybe feeling the same chronic depression that you obviously are.

You, and people in the same situation as you, do NOT need advice and tricks and tips, and techniques, or suggestions. However heartfelt and empathetic they might be.

Chronic depression that leads to feelings of such worthlessness that suicide seems to be the only answer, cannot be cured by treating the symptoms of the depression. But, only by addressing the causes of it.

All depression is brought about by fear.woman screaming with depression


ALL depression whether manifested by pain, or continual abuse, or deep-seated psychological problems, or frustration, or mental anguish, or whatever – is brought about by the same low, dense vibration, emotional state of fear.

Nothing else.

So, forget about all the various symptoms of your chronic depression and focus on why you are afraid…

Afraid of losing something/someone is the prime cause of most depression.

Another is the fear of letting others down and not living up to expectations, (extreme low self-esteem / worthlessness).

Being fearful of other people’s reactions (hate, disdain, cruelty etc.) .

Afraid of the fear itself… (which leads to an ever spiralling cycle)

And afraid that a bad situation (acute pain, or abuse, or confusion / frustration etc.) will never get better, and so on.

Fear is the poison that causes depression

The emotion of fear is brought into being by nothing more than expectation. Expecting, or anticipating the worst and then often (subconsciously) manifesting it.

Some people may have irrational, unexplained fear, possibly as a result of past-life experiences, or deep-seated subconscious physiological issues. Tackle the behavioural and emotional consequences of it rather than trying to treat the symptoms of it.

There are many ways of mitigating fear. Hypnosis, meditation, psychology, proper nutrition, changing belief-systems and mindset. However, they should not include pharmaceutical drugs, or mind tricks. Or any other short-term therapies aimed at the symptoms of fear, rather than the causes of it.

I CAN help, in highly practical terms, if you (or anyone reading this) wants to radically change your life. And to become a lover of the ‘game’ of life – a winner, rather than a hater of ‘the game’- a loser.

Life is NOTHING more than a ‘learning experience’ and your destiny has deemed chronic depression necessary for you to experience, in your overall evolution as a human being. With the right mindset you could (should) actually embrace your current negative feelings. Your future life will be enhanced by the learning experience of them.

There is, of course far, far, more to all this than I can go into here – but watching these videos will help you to understand more.


Cure even chronic depression

Trust – in yourself – or in others, is the first thing you lose to cure depression. You feel that NO one, NO thing can, or will, help…woman enjoying her cure from depression

However, IF you can offer me just a little (even skeptical) trust…together we CAN turn around and cure depression and your banish your current suicidal mindset.

Email if you wish –

Whatever you chose to do going forward – if nothing else…be aware that even death is simply a ‘learning experience’ for your Energetic core / Higher self / your Soul- whatever you want to call it, on it’s eternal journey to ever higher enlightenment.

To begin your journey to peace of mind – start by watching these (free) videos. They WILL help you to banish all your fear, and cure depression from your life – permanently.




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Geoff Barra
B.Ed(Hons) Leicester DeMonfort University.Education; sport, fitness, physiology and psychology. Qualified in Physical Education. In 2013 studied the equivalent of a PhD in meta-physicality and quantum physics, and all aspects of incorporeal existence. Combined extensive background in physiology, psychology and Biology with new found knowledge covering all aspects of ‘reality’ to a self-development mentor.

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