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Infinite Wellness – how to achieve it?

There is far more to Infinite wellness than issues relating to your ‘physical’, and even to your mental, health. Infinite wellness encompasses your whole being – every facet of your existence. Without infinite wellness you cannot live your life as it was meant to be.

Without going too deeply into all the esoteric aspects of life and reality right now, it’s enough to say that the very reason for your creation in the first place is to eventually achieve Infinite Wellness — over multiple life-times.

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Regardless of your beliefs relating to your Soul’s reincarnation and everlasting journey to ultimate enlightenment – infinite wellness, it is a given that life and reality is far more complex than most people ever think about.

It is not surprising that people do not give much thought to the wider issues concerning their reality. The world is ever presenting challenges and problems for everyone to have to deal with in their lives, that absorb their full attention.

Of course it is NOT the ‘world’ that creates the problems. It is other people in the world that create them. Our Earth and Nature is benign. They were created to be. Without the deliberate impingement of evil influence, in the shape of certain demonic individuals there would be few challenges that were not within our own power to control.

On a more down-to-earth, practical level, your wellness, or the lack of it, is driven by your personal energetic vibrations. Which in turn, are dictated by your mindset. This a complex relationship, not easily explained in a short post. However, answering some of the questions people have asked me, will help me explain some important facets of infinite wellness and overall well-being…

‘Why do I have a hard time experiencing positive emotions?’

No one can know your personal mindset, circumstances, situation or psychological issues – that are causing YOUR fear. Which is what is creating your lack of positive emotions.

It really does not matter what other people have achieved. Or how they did it, this will not effect you. It may inspire you for a while and you may get some motivation from it for a while. Essentially though your destiny is your own.

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So, the question really is – how do YOU reverse YOUR situation – and start feeling positive emotions ALL the time?

I cannot give a full and comprehensive answer to this within a relatively short post here.

However, here is a summary of things to understand about infinite wellness

  • Everything, EVERYTHING, in existence is basically nothing more than energetic vibrations of varying frequencies. The only physicality in the world is that which is created by our own (limited) perceptions of reality.


  •  You are NOT who – or what you think you are. You are not a single life, limited, fragile, evolved from a lower life-form, 3D physical Being


  •  An open-mind – a Free-Mind, is the greatest gift you can have, when facing all the challenges that will inevitably come your way throughout your life.


  •  Understand – and embrace the fact that you ARE a ‘Being’ of all possibility.


  •  ONLY your own self-imposed restrictions limit your life, or by those you allow to be imposed upon you by others.


  •  A ruling cabal of Royal bloodline and Jewish mega-rich, self-appointed, rulers IS controlling, manipulating and restricting mankind – for their own selfish and demonic agenda. These people (Archon-influenced Beings) are the reason…the ONLY reason the world is in such a mess. Knowing this – and accepting it, is your first step to breaking free of their influence.

The Law of Attraction


– Nothing in life is easy, in terms of full-filling your true potential. However, if you understand how the ‘Law of Attraction’ really works and embrace all the challenges that come your way, simply as ‘learning experiences’ (because that’s all they really are) you are more likely to find ultimate success.


  •  Remember if you approach them in a positive way, all your problems and frustrations are leading you towards your goals, not away from them.


  •  A Free-Mind is the GREATEST gift you can have in life. Gaining a Free-Mind is also, for many people, the most difficult thing to obtain – due to indoctrination, mainstream propaganda, ‘group think’ influence, and fear.

  •  Throughout your life you are continually lead to believe only in what is good for the profits of others. Not what is needed for your own benefit. I realise everything above needs further explanation to make any sense – IF you want to find out more – start by watching these videos…they WILL help.

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‘I have high expectations of people I am working with, but I’m a person with a very mediocre IQ (around 100). I fee desperate. What can I do?’


This is a great question – and here is mine…

What is IQ?

Of course, I know what IQ is regarded as – but really, what does it mean…?

There are many, many forms of intelligence. Intelligence can be innate – instinct, intuition etc. It can be learned – education (indoctrination). And it can be gained – experience, responses. Also it can be emotional – distorted by fear or negativity.

Intelligence quota – is simply an arbitrary measurement based on a limited amount of factors. ALL related to left-brain cognition, thinking, thought processes. The ability to work things out – logic. An ability of recall (of ‘knowledge’) – facts and figures and whatnot. The ability to organise thoughts – manage – plan – solve. And an ability to assimilate concepts.

Infinite wellness requires far more than logic.

Flair, enterprise, creativity, originality, out-of-the-box thinking, heart response. (actually the heart does more thinking than the brain) empathy. All higher vibration thoughts are not measured. Or even taken into account when considering the IQ of someone.

Personally I would far rather be down on the IQ scale and have higher right-brain functions. Creativity, imagination and free thought. Than the other way around.

I could also go into – what actually is knowledge – which is the main element of IQ measurement… It would take me several pages to fully explain – but here’s the gist…

Common knowledge (information) comes from money… If you seriously think about it for a moment there really can be no plausible argument against this! Somebody pays the historians, scientists, and reporters to write about events and outcomes. And, of course, these people want only the ‘knowledge’ they have paid for.

Books and articles published, and publicised, in the mainstream press. Have to agree with, and not dispute, this paid-for (controlled) knowledge.

‘Knowledge’ can be highly limiting…

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Only the knowledge they want, the knowledge that benefits them, as the controllers, is allowed.

Knowledge that makes you…

  • limited as an individual

  • live in fear (of cancer, or war, or terrorism, or death).

  • believe you are an insignificant speck in an unimaginably vast universe.

  • think you are little more than an advanced (evolved) version of a monkey.

    You are constantly fed ‘knowledge’ that makes you easier to control.

    And from cradle to grave this (false) knowledge is so consistent and so pervasive that people just accept it without any critical thought of their own…and IQ is measured on this…!

I could also talk at length about your needless and irrational fear that is making you desperate…

But, for now I can absolutely ASSURE you, despite whatever your score is on a (bogus) IQ test. You are likely to as good at what you do as anyone else – if not better. Because you are NOT hampered by a bucket load of contrived ‘intellectual’ BS knowledge (which is all wrong anyway).

Here is a link to download my book – if you ever get time to read through it – with your OPEN mind- your true (real) Intelligence Quota will knock your co-workers out of the ball park.


There is NO ONE on Earth who you should ever consider to be your superior.

It is synchronicity that made you ask this question – and I picked it up…therefore you are already on you way to altering your mindset and personal energies and becoming a wonderful person to work for. And a supremely clever and astute one!

(Leave the bogus IQ stuff to the self-proclaimed – and delusional nerds…!)

‘Why is it whenever I decide to do something new I feel scared and my heart beat increases?’

Do you you really want to know the answer to your question as you have asked it – or is there a deeper question you need the answer to?

I do not understand how knowing all the physiological, psychological and biological responses your body and mind creates in any given circumstance, will effect your situation. Unless you simply want more information about body and mind functions, for some reason.

Psychology is a VAST subject – that, of course, I cannot go into here.

So, I am going to assume that your underlying question here is… How can YOU do something about your described responses when you are in a stressful situation.

And that is an entirely different question.

Of course I could give you all the motivating cliches and well-meaning platitudes – and descriptions of how other people have overcome similar situations. But, frankly that will not help YOU.

Other people’s anecdotes of how they faced and overcame their challenges, might motivate and inspire you for a while (short-term fix). Essentially though, your responses to stressful situations are your OWN. And need dealing with by YOU to be successful in the long-term.

EVERYONE feels stress – no matter who they are, when facing new, different, outside-their-comfort-zone, challenges and situations.  Nothing more than fear creates this stress. Usually it’s the fear of failure (but not always).

This fear manifests in varying amounts. It depends on a myriad of psychological and subconscious variants, and previous experiences. And preconceived ideas, and even the expectation of failure.

It could take you months of therapy to find the exact reasons for your overwhelming fear of new situations.

However, why do you need to know all this? Because to ‘cure’ or, at least mitigate, your fear and tension all you need to do is change your personal negative low vibrations into positive higher vibrations.

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Change your mindset to expect success.

If you can change your mindset – so that you expect success, in everything you do rather than failure. You will no longer feel scared, in new situations. Nor will your heart-rate (emotional response) over-power your logic (intended outcome).

I can actually GUARANTEE your personal success in any facet of your life. Including psychological issues…if you REALLY want it.

However do not go into anything half-heartedly because it will always fail if you do. Then you will have even more low self-esteem (fear) issues to deal with.

Infinite Wellness…

is a topic that dominates my own life. Of course, as I have suggested – it is impossible for anyone to achieve infinite wellness in a single life-time. However, any step you take towards it, even small steps, is a step nearer to greater fulfillment in your life.

Regardless of your own viewpoints and opinions that may contradict mine, I can categorically state that you will NOT – can NOT, achieve, anything more than a moderate level of wellness, without owning your own mind.

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