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What is The ONLY Prerequisite For a High Degree of Personal SUCCESS?

In Anything? The only requirement to achieve high personal success, in anything you want – is an open-mind! You learn and practice all the skills and techniques necessary for a job, or occupation, or career, or to open your own business, and through this you gain vital experience. And, then through sheer hard work and persistence, you may…
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Cure The Depression That Limits You

Depression is the symptom of a lack of trust… To have complete trust and faith in yourself – and of course in your ‘Higher-self’ (your connection to everything ) is very difficult to achieve. Trust is fragile. Trust (in anything) continually waivers between extremes – depending on emotional responses, rather than on logical ones. You…
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Lose Weight…Permanently

For a great many people (far too many for this to be merely coincidence) their MAIN ‘personal success’ goal is to lose weight. So, the question that must be asked is why so many people, in modern society,are overweight? Ah, it’s a genetic thing. There’s been an exponential increase in bad genes passed down during…
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Self-Esteem is Vital for Success

From birth our development as human beings is constantly limited. Most people believe that they are nothing more than an accident of nature. A victim of lucky (or unlucky)happen-stance. Through false information and deliberate indoctrination, we are led to think that the world, in which we live, is nothing more than a dense three dimensional…
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