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How do I get success in life?

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How do I get success in life? As a self-development mentor, this is a question I am often asked. This blog is all about gaining success – in ANY facet of your life. Even though it might sound highly unlikely (depending on your current mindset).

I can actually guarantee you get success in life. If you REALLY want it!

How can I do this? By first fundamentally altering your limiting mindset – and raising your personal vibrations. So that you expect success. A positive approach to anything (without self-doubt) will invariably led to success.

My (short) Bio;

I’m an ex PE and Art & Design Teacher,

Now I’m a Professional Artist & Designer, Author, Personal Success mentor, Internet Entrepreneur….and lover of life!

I’ve been Online for over 15 years – ah, and failed for most them! 

But, I am persistent, if nothing else, and I kept going . I am now retired and living the ‘Internet Lifestyle’ in the beautiful countryside of Northern Thailand.

​​​​​​However, it is not  a sedate retirement, as my purpose in this life is to help as many people as I can to raise their personal vibrations. To become successful at whatever they want.

One of the first steps towards gaining Personal Success (in anything) is eliminating the stress and anxiety caused by Debt. Unfortunately debt is a fact of life for most people. They designed the world’s monetary debt-based usury system to ensure most people get into, and remain, in debt!

Of course, this is wrong. However, by myself I cannot do much to alter this situation… But, many people working TOGETHER can make changes for the better.

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​​​​​​​It is my passion – my reason for being, to help as many people free themselves from debt as I can. After almost a lifetime of being in debt myself I know only too well, what frustration and despair it causes. A seemingly never-ending cycle.

The Internet is how I get success in life

The ‘Internet Lifestyle’ of time and financial freedom is touted everywhere Online as being the answer…the solution to getting out of debt. And to finally start living life as it should be.

Unfortunately, the Internet is also a minefield of scams, and people claiming to want to help others to achieve their dreams of financial freedom. When, of course they ONLY want their OWN financial success.

They really could care less about yours. There are only about 2% – 3% of people who try to make money Online actually succeed to any significant degree..

Unfortunately this is because personal greed overcomes Integrity. And many people involved in promoting and selling Internet business opportunities, programs, and courses do it primarily for themselves. Rather than have any real desire to help others first.

How am I different from these people? – How do I get success in life? How can I get success in life? text

I have no interest in becoming rich for myself. I love my simple lifestyle as it is. However, I have recently removed my ‘abundance blocks’ and I am currently endeavouring, with great passion, to manifest more money into my life. So that I can fulfil my own personal success goals. To make positive changes in the lives of other people.

I really am genuine about helping other people, rather than just myself. However, the more I help others – the more success I gain personally anyway. and the more success I gain, the more people I can help – and so on…

Simply by visiting my website and being here you have given me your trust. Now I have a commitment to repay that trust. I certainly do not consider you as simply as a random ‘visitor’ to bombard with sales pitches. For all the new ‘shiny objects’ constantly introduced Online.

Synchronicity brought you here.

It was meant to be at this stage in your life experience. Not to buy endless products, but to learn more about life.

I am always happy to hear from you. A comment on a post, or a message to my email. Or use the contact form below.

If there is anything on this website with which you resonate it would suggest that our energies are aligned and we can journey to Personal Success together.

I look forward to (hopefully) getting to know a little more about you and to helping you  achieve the life you undoubtedly deserve.

The life you were meant to live. Maybe even the “Internet Lifestyle” of time and financial freedom.

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