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How Can I Become Financially Successful?


There is a multi-$billion industry Online, generated by that very question.

With that much information available – how can anyone, who really wants to,
NOT become financially successful? – Is the real question.

And the answer is – mind-set.

The problem is that there is a myth grown up around making money Online –
that it is easy. If it was easy there would be a lot more than the estimated
2% of all people who try, actually gaining significant success.

So, clearly it is NOT easy.

Another problem facing anyone who wants to make their fortune Online
is that the whole Internet is a swamp of unscrupulous, low-life scammers
and con-artists – with only one motivation; to part you from your money.

We are all taught, form an early age, that life is a dog-eat-dog affair
and that anything goes in love and war – and money. This teaching
gives rise to the highly selfish attitude that the PROFIT is the main thing.
HOW you generate it does not matter.

I 100% disagree with this.

There is NO virtue in being rich – if you cheat and con people to accumulate
your wealth. I would go as far as to suggest there are few truly virtuous wealthy
people in the world.

So – it really is down to mind-set. Most people do not have the mind-set
required for building wealth.
There IS still a degree of ethical and honourable morality in the world, that precludes
people from gaining wealth from the misfortune of others. Unfortunately though this
integrity is a disadvantage when it comes to making money Online.

Most of the money that is earned in the ‘Make Money’ niche Online, is made by the
people selling courses and information about ‘How to make money Online’.
However, with only 2% of people gaining any significant financial success in this
niche – this is clearly not working.

Of course, IF their courses actually worked there would be more like 80%
success rate…not 2%.

So there has to be a better way to tackle this making money Online thing.
Instead of just wasting money learning about how other people (usually
with a more me, me, me, attitude) got their success.

If money is so important to you that you can disengage your natural conscience
and become a me, me, me person and sell stuff you know really does not work
(only 2% success rate) and not care about it…just to gain yourself a profit,
good luck to you. However, this attitude may gain you material comforts
but, in the end Karma WILL judge you. (Whether you can about that or not).

There is a better way to make money Online – and that is by helping others to
gain success. Not by selling a course that might have worked for you (but likely
will not work for others who have a different mind-set) but, by actually
helping/assisting them, further than making the sale for yourself.

This is exactly how I make money Online…by putting the success of others before my own.

And I guarantee that doing this will have a far greater success rate than 2%…!


And it will also help you to become part of
the solution to all Earth’s selfish, greed-related problems
not simply adding to the cause of them…

An Abundance of EVERYTHING is Everyone’s 100% Birthright

There is NO doubt that the mind is the MOST powerful means of leading us to
whatever we want…

Over the years our minds have been manipulated and indoctrinated into a world
of limitation and self-doubt – to the point most of us simply accept that financial
success and wealth is meant for others – and not us…

If you are not (yet) a self-made $millionaire – or, at least, not highly successful in
financial terms…
one of the reasons for this is that you have, at some time in your life, subconsciously
set yourself ‘energetic’ limitations on the amount of money that you will allow into your life…

I can help you to remove ALL the ‘Abundance Blocks’ you have set yourself – so that,
you can begin, with confidence and self-belief – to manifest the financial future that
you deserve…that is YOUR God-given birthright!

Financial Abundance is EVERYONE’S birthright regardless…however…

if you ally your Abundance Blocks removal with high ‘Intent’ – with high integrity values,
your financial success will be unstoppable. Not only will you gain all the things you dream
about, it will lead you to playing an important role in helping the world become a better
place, for everyone.

Removing you Abundance Blocks is a major aspect of the
Plant and Grow Your Personal Success course – and if you join me
I can guarantee your financial success…if you REALLY want it!

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