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Why is there so much disease and illness in the world?

It is an inescapable fact that as ‘advances’ in ‘medicine’ are (supposedly) being made,
there are more people in poor health than ever before.

Do you question this – (as you should)…?

Ah, of course the reasons are that…

There are too many problems in modern life.
There is too much stress in modern life.
There is too much pollution (we are ruining our own world)…’we’?
Human Beings are only very fragile creatures.
Why should we care life is shite anyway, so simply enjoy whatever
you can, while you can.

All these things are, of course, partly responsible for the current chronic state of world health.
They are also deliberately created to cause ill-health.

‘We’ – you and me, DO NOT pollute the Earth by-the-way.

The world is a living, vibrating, ever renewing, entity – it can easily cope with normal
human activity even the selfish, and inconsiderate to nature, behaviour of the minority.

Any serious and harmful pollution of Earth is carried out (deliberately) by the greedy,
ruthless, profit-motivated corporations – which effectively control the world.

The MAIN reason for so much ill health nowadays is that we are being ‘taught’
to kill ourselves earlier than should be the case. The human body is NOT at all fragile.
IF it was in harmony with nature (which has been made virtually impossible in modern times) the
human body could last well over 150 years.
It was designed to.

So, why are we being trained to end our own lives early? …

Simple – my boy……….for someone’s profits!

Our natural food (fruits and vegetables – and live stock) are all polluted with chemicals and
unnatural gene modification and hormones – to make them as toxic as possible.

All manufactured food is designed for only one thing…and it is NOT for human nutrition.
Yes, you guessed it – it’s for profits…my boy!

Modern medicines are manufactured primarily with man-made chemicals.
ALL man-made chemicals are toxic to the body in the long term

The usual process for developing new medicines is to discover which plants
(that grow naturally – a gift from Nature) heal what. Nobody can put a patent on a
naturally growing plant, so there is no point simply telling everyone to find the plant and cure
themselves of whatever ailment – because there are no profits to be made doing that.

So they embark on the expensive – but ultimately highly profitable, course of trying
to mimic the plant’s natural benefits, with manufactured chemicals.
Which then CAN be patented – and sold at a premium.

Man-made chemicals cannot ‘cure’ anything – because all unnatural chemicals disturb the
vibration frequencies of human cells. NO man-made chemicals can be fully absorbed by
the body – and the residues of all manufactured chemicals are stored on the body as fat.

Manufactured chemicals can disguise and reduce the symptoms of an ailment or disease.
Then often (if the ailment is relatively minor) without the stress of the pain-giving symptoms,
the now more relaxed body will heal itself.

That’s okay then – what’s wrong with that?

The problem is that all pharmaceutical drugs (chemical medicines)
have hazardous side-effects.

Everyone – even with only half a working brain (the other half being dumbed down
by TV and mass propaganda) can see that health (or rather ill-health) is a multi,
multi-billion dollar per year industry.

Of course NO one who is involved in this multi, multi-$billion per year industry wants it
to end – as it would, of course IF it did what it is supposed to do – ‘cure’ people of
disease and make them healthy. Who will buy the highly profitable ‘medicines’ if everyone is
cured of whatever ails them?

Modern medicine, far from being responsible for any health improvements, is in actual
fact, the world’s greatest threat to human well-being and longevity.

And for only ONE reason = Profits…my boy!

Actually, there is in fact another deeper, even more heinous, reason for so much
serious ill-health in the world.

That is because the real rulers of Earth are hell-bent in their openly admitted quest
to ‘cull’ the worlds population down from around 5.5 billion down to .05 billion.
(5.5 billion people on Earth is probably a more accurate assessment of the world’s population
than the ‘scary over-population’ mainstream projection of 7.5 billion)

That’s a narrative for another time…

Take control of your own health
(there is a time and place for a Doctor)
but ultimately YOU are responsible for your own good health

This course will lead you to better health…