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Metaphysics –  the philosophical study of being and knowing – the essential nature of underlying reality

Your Metaphysical Well-Being is VITAL for your growth and development
as a Human Being…

This page deals with all aspects of your esoteric and incorporeal being



Your heart is the seat of all your emotional responses


Think I am – Therefore I am!

(If You Pursue The Truth The Truth will Pursue You)

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will know by now that you –
and EVERYTHING else in existence, is nothing more than the manifestation of
energetic vibrations.

ALL matter is primarily made up of atoms. The same atoms that are 99.9%
empty space. Different forces (distinct energetic vibrations) acting upon these
atoms are what causes their ‘apparent’ physical structure.

We think (perceive) that a brick is solid, so to us it becomes solid. We think
fire is hot and harmful, so to us it becomes hot and harmful. We think something
is too heavy for us to lift, so it is too heavy for us to lift. We think something is
too difficult to do, so it is too difficult to do.

However, I have seen people break bricks with their bare hands. I have seen
people walk on flaming coals without pain or hurt. I have seen people lift
impossibly heavy weights (they even make a sport out of it).

And, of course I’ve seen many people achieve great personal success in a
multitude of very ‘apparently’ difficult areas.

Every person has a different perception of what is possible for them. But,
every person starts off with, the same ‘potentials’ when they are born
(reincarnated). These ‘potentials’ are shaped, moulded and altered by
the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Usually these circumstances leads us to being in school. Gaining an ‘education’
to help us achieve future personal success in a job. But, stop. Think about it
for just a moment. Has, your ‘education’ lead to all the personal success you
want? That you dreamed about?
For most people the answer is a resounding NO!

Modern ‘education’ (it cannot be denied – by anyone) is not designed to teach
you how to gain personal success. It is designed to setting you up with a very
false view of life. It is designed to equip you with only the very limited skills
needed for you to help make the already Mega-rich ruling Elite even wealthier.

You are taught you need ‘education’ to get a job, so that you can earn money.
You are taught to use bank credit and credit cards, and pay taxes.

Do you think your income taxes are used for the benefit of your community or country?

ALL income tax (in virtually every country in the world) goes towards paying the interest
(not the capital just the debt-interest) back to the banks (to the individuals who own the
banks) and who created money out of thin air, and then loaned it to the governments
of the world.

The same people who own the world’s main banks are also in charge of creating
and overseeing ‘education’ in most countries in the world. How convenient?

Of course, they are more concerned about their own personal success than
yours or mine.

Even the so-called ‘richest people in the world – like the demonic-influenced
Bill Gates, for example, are nothing more than relative paupers compared
with the owners of all the world banks. These same people also own, or
control, most of the major corporations, media, and governments in the world.

If you don’t believe me and you think I am a ‘conspiracy’ crank…all this is
very easy to research.

Of course – it is much easier to simply deny it, than it is to research it though.

The point is ‘education’ is designed to limit your potential for personal success,
rather than expand it. Of course it is. If everyone was taught (the truth) that
they could achieve anything they wanted, the controlled education system
would collapse. And so would the control of the ruling Elite.

Everyone has the ‘potential’ to be healthy. To have their ideal body.
To achieve financial 
success. To have a high degree of emotional well-being
– to love and be loved. To realise 
they’re fully in charge of their own destiny
and can shape it as they want.

So why do so many people have problems in their lives, instead of
never-ending personal success?

Because ‘education’ and modern up-bringing, has done nothing but set limits
to a person’s potential.

If you think you are just a physical body. A development from lower life forms.
A freak accident of nature (as you have been taught to think) put on Earth
just to get through all the shite in life as best you can – then that’s what
you are.

If you think you’re a victim of your circumstances – that’s what you will be.

If, on the other hand, you think you’re much more than this (as I will teach you)
you WILL be. If you think your destiny is to achieve personal success, in
anything you want – you WILL achieve it.

Whatever you think you are – you areWhatever you think you can do
– you can do!

Of course, because of ‘education’ and up-bringing, to believe that they have
limitless potentials is very difficult for most people. They would rather deny
it, because it is counter to everything they’ve been taught.

Please read my book – (click/tap the tile below)

If You Pursue The Truth The Truth will Pursue You

Not because I think it’s so great (although ha,ha – if I think it is, it is!)
But, because it will give you ‘freedom’ to think for yourself, about
yourself – and not to just follow highly controlled ‘education’ into
accepting your limited mediocrity – or worse, your lowliness


What is Reality?

Of course there is NO answer to this specific question.Only conjecture and opinion and dogmatic
view points are possible, when discussing this subject matter.

Reality is a concept – not a thing, and as such it is open to a vast amount of differing interpretation
and ideas.

Reality is simply whatever you want it to be.

It is your place where you dwell in the current dense third dimension we know of as life at this
time in our evolution as a species.

I am not suggesting any one Reality is superior to another – because that of course would only
be my opinion.What I am saying however, is that all Realities are subject to constant
change – depending on what kind of life an individual
wants, is happy with, or will passively accept.

In this thesis I explore the ways that life is manipulated to suit the control -system and to ensure
a ‘common’ reality is accepted that is highly beneficial to them, rather than to each individual.

Most people – with even a half a working mind are aware of the corruption, degeneracy and total
lack ofempathy in all governments and all governing (control) establishments.

Why is this?

It is essentially because we freely allow it to happen through ignorance or apathy.

Knowing what is really going on, is your only way to mitigate against the seriously harmful
effects of being under dominance, and being manipulated into a Reality that severely limits every
aspect of your life.

If you want a fulfilled life of ALL‘ possibilities’ to escape from debt and drudgery and the invidious
control that pervades everyday life – you have the power to change your own Reality
to whatever you want.