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I call this self-esteem well-being book the ‘ULTIMATE’ Guide to Banishing Low Self-esteem Issues and ALL Depression – Permanently’. It is far more than a just another book about the subject. This is mainly new, and totally unique content, rarely considered before, and is very effective, on many levels.

There are literally countless self-esteem well-being books and papers, and documents, and (for profit) businesses, relating to the human emotional response system. Which essentially, is responsible for ALL the varying types of depression. And ALL problems affecting self-esteem.

Most are written by highly lettered clinical ‘experts’, or doctors, or medical practitioners of some sort. But, their highly trained knowledge is actually what limits their effectiveness in treating emotional response issues on a permanent basis.

This is not a medical treatise, full of self-important sounding clinical terminology or ‘science’ gobbledygook. It is not the result of mainstream indoctrination and dogmatic training. Also it is not the usual collection of anecdotes, trips, tricks and techniques. That treat (temporarily) only the ‘symptoms of low self-esteem issues and depression.

It is an in-depth look into the main under-lying causes of low selfesteem and depression. The result of deep personal experience, very extensive independent research (not guided or mandated). And, above all, a thorough intuitive knowledge of real life and true reality.

Personal success guide

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As well it is the introduction to an ever expanding, ever developing Personal Success guide. That can and will ensure success is achieved in any aspect of life you may want, or need…

Virtually EVERY aspect of your life is corrupted to limit you as a human being.

There are, unquestionably, dark and evil forces in control of the world. It is these forces, and ONLY these forces, that cause the dense low-vibrations of fear. Which are responsible for EVERY type of depression and ALL low self-esteem issues.

It does no matter what the ‘trigger’ causes of depression are. Whether it be illness or disability, trauma, loss of a marriage or relationship, constant (apparent) failure, poor (distorted) self-perception, or a myriad of other reasons. Low self-esteem and depression could not take hold and become an issue if not for the proliferation of dense low vibrations in the world.

The one caveat to this is the soul-deep depression that often follows bereavement. Although still a low-vibration emotional response to fear. The fear in this case is generated by a self-centered lack of faith. Faith, not necessarily in ‘God’ – whatever that means to you. But faith in the very reason for all existence. It is essentially the fear of facing life with the all-consuming, desolate loss of the most valuable thing in all creation. The profound love of a fellow human being.

You need to tackle the root causes of low self-esteem well-being

There are countless books, and courses, and articles about depression. Written by so-called ‘experts’ and therapists, some with letters after their names. But virtually all of these journals written to treat, to mitigate, the ‘symptoms’ of low self-esteem and depression. Not to tackle their root causes.

If you have a headache, you might take an Aspirin, and the pain goes away temporarily. However, your headache was not caused by the lack of an Aspirin. By taking the drug you have simply alleviated the ‘symptom’ of the headache, the pain. You have done nothing to address the underlying reason you got the headache in the first place though.

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Often, in minor cases, relieving the tension in the body caused by the pain, allows the body to heal the reason for the headache itself. For a while. But, if there is a deeper underlying cause that is creating (even only occasional) headaches, a pain-killer is nothing more than a very limited and temporary fix.

You should not treat only the symptoms of low self-esteem and depression.

If the oil light on the dashboard of your car suddenly appears, you could remove the illuminated bulb and the car will appear okay again. You have temporarily treated the ‘symptom’ of the problem in your car, by disconnecting the warning sign. The car might appear to be okay for a few more miles. However, eventually it will, of course, break down. Usually with very serious consequences.

Had you responded in the right way and investigated why the warning light came on in the first place – the ‘cure’ would have been relatively easy. Add more oil, or completely change the oil, and maybe the oil filter. This entails a bit more work than disconnecting the bulb, at the time. But, the ‘cure’ of the problem is now complete. Rather than simply postponed.

This is the same with virtually all disease and ailments. It is certainly the same when it comes to low self-esteem issues and depression. Treating only the symptoms of low self-esteem and depression will hardly ever lead to a permanent ‘cure.’ Then you will always be looking for new tips, and tricks, and techniques, and regimes, and other short-term fixes – because none of these will work on a permanent basis.

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