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Natural Weight Loss Well-being

I call this weight loss well-being book – The ULTIMATE Guide to Losing weight and Regaining Your Natural Body Shape Permanently‘. It is far more than just another weight loss publication, dealing with the ‘symptoms’ of weight gain – and all the (for profit) ‘Diets’ tips and tricks and regimes they promote.

It is the introduction to a thorough holistic course that will ensure your permanent weight reduction, by a complete change of your mindset.

If you are looking for another weight loss recipe book, this is not it (although I do link to healthy free recipes). If you are looking for another ‘lose weight overnight’ magic trick or method, this is not it. Or if you are looking for a short-term new ‘Diet’ fix addressing just the ‘symptoms’ of weight gain, this is also not it.

This is a thoroughly, impeccably researched treatise, based on personal experience, about the uncomfortable truth of the real underlying causes of weight gain. How you can reverse the circumstances that are causing it. And ow to achieve natural weight loss well-being.

Unless you treat the ’causes’, and not the ‘symptoms’ you will never gain natural weight loss permanently. Meanwhile you will put yourself through untold expense, hardship, and emotional trauma, trying.

The right mindset is required to gain personal success in weight loss well-being, and everything else. Let me be your guide to that positive high vibration mindset that will ensure your success.

Remember do not NEED a new ‘Diet’ – you WANT to regain your natural body shape…and health.

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Who am I?

I am not professing to be the oracle of all knowledge about diet, nutrition, and weight loss. Nor do I have any official qualifications to impress anyone with.

There are, of course, many ‘experts’ in the world who specialise in these studies more than me. I have had no establishment training in these subjects. I do not have any certificates, or letters after my name. Nor do I have any renown as a leader in this field. Or have I learned, or use, all the clinical terminology associated with these topics. And I intentionally avoid reliance on ‘scientific’ studies.

However, it is because of this that I can claim to be offering more genuine, effectual, valid information here.

Nobody has mandated or controlled my own (very extensive research and studies. I have not been under any pressure to conform to mainstream group-think. nor am I relying on making my living from this. So, I have no obligation to ensure my work is profitable for someone. And above all, I have a free mind, not biased or limited by indoctrination.

All my panoptic studies about life and reality, and dot-connecting leads to the conclusion that virtually all other journals and publications about weight loss and ‘Diets’. The fact that their ‘expert’ (‘certified’ in something) authors have had officially recognised medical or ‘scientific’ training of some sort, tells us their knowledge is restricted

Real Natural Weight Loss Well-being

The Internet is the world’s library. It contains, somewhere in it information about anything you could ever want. It has ALL the information within it. Not just mainstream controlled information. There are alternate view-points and perspectives, and independent studies, to be found. An amazing array of different theories, answers and solutions to everything. Of course the problem is finding all this information. Then when you do find it, sorting through it all with discernment and judgement.

One has to know about a far wider range of subjects to fully understand a particular specialised subject, like natural weight loss well-being. If you know ‘this’, then you can appreciate ‘that’. Knowing ‘that’ leads you to finding a whole host of other things. Accumulating real and valid knowledge is all about dot-connecting. It takes far, far more work to do all this than sitting in a University classroom or department. 

With this in mind and considering all the time I have spent studying, way more than that of any PhD student, I am perhaps actually more qualified than most others to speak with authority.

Also, at the risk of blowing my own trumpet, I have a seemingly prodigious natural ability of assimilating vast ranges of knowledge through synchronicity.  This allows me to connect enough dots to get a thorough, and likely truer, understanding of human life and reality.

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The information I have cited in my book about natural weight loss well-being, is based on provable fact, wherever possible. And on the widely accepted opinion of trusted independent researchers and free-thinkers, when absolute ‘scientific’ proof or evidence is not available.

Scientific proof is usually the result of profit motivation.

However, what is ‘scientific’ proof anyway? The ‘proof’ required by many people before they can or will believe something. ‘Scientific’ proof is a concept of 3D thinking and limited perception. It is brought about by false and deliberately limiting education. Three dimensional science is only useful in the 3D world of dense vibration ‘physicality’ and five sense conceptualisation.

Most ‘scientific proof’ is the result of manipulation anyway. Usually ‘science’ is dreamed up theory or conjecture. Then all future work is focused on trying to validate the theory. Surely in a more common-sense world the main focus of ‘science’ should be trying to find a theory to match a proof – a discovery.

All mainstream institutions pay ‘scientists’ for their work (in one way or another). These institutions are under the tight control of their paymasters. These people want only the ‘science’ that will benefit them and their agenda. So they suppress and ignore most real science, that does not create profits or gain, for the controllers. ‘Science’ has become a highly controlled and very confining construct. In this way they restrict the  dissemination of known knowledge to a very restricted trickle.

‘Science’, as taught and publicly accepted, little more than a tool of control. It is certainly is not reliable as the basis of anyone’s belief system.

Simply open your closed (controlled) mind and think critically and independently. Then so much more real and valid knowledge will begin to flow to you…

So, who am I? I am your guide to a whole new mindset. A mindset that is essential to achieve personal success all your weight issues. And other well-being issues.

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