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I call this book – The ULTIMATE Guide to Losing weight and Regaining Your Natural Body Shape Permanently because this is far more than just another weight loss publication, dealing with the ‘symptoms’ of weight gain – and all the (for profit) ‘Diets’ tips and tricks and regimes they promote.

It is the introduction to a thorough holistic course that will ensure your permanent weight reduction, by a complete change of your mindset.

If you are looking for another weight loss recipe book, this is not it (although I do link to healthy free recipes), if you are looking for another ‘lose weight overnight’ magic trick or method, this is not it, or if you are looking for a short-term new ‘Diet’ fix addressing just the ‘symptoms’ of weight gain, this is also not it.

This is a thoroughly, impeccably researched treatise, based on personal experience, about the uncomfortable truth of the real underlying causes of weight gain – and how you can reverse the circumstances that are causing it.

Unless you treat the ’causes’, and not the ‘symptoms’ you will never lose weight permanently…and meanwhile you will put yourself through untold expense, hardship, and emotional trauma, trying.

What is required to gain personal success in weight loss – and everything else, is the right mindset…let me be your guide to that positive high vibration mindset that will ensure your success.

Remember do not NEED a new ‘Diet’ – you WANT to regain your natural body shape…and health.

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